"Forgive the trees
for the way they can’t stop shaking
even after all these years of practice.
Forgive yourself
for the days you don’t even want to try."

Y.Z, a dying art (via topkun)

Akos MajorSpiaggia, 2013.

Vera Wang by Patrick Demarchelier.

Cartier Love Bracelet
“Unlike traditional bracelets, which are either wide enough to slip them over the hand onto the wrist or can readily be opened in order to put them on, the Love bracelet is designed to be opened only using a special screwdriver that is supplied with every bracelet. The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace, allowing the bracelet to be “locked” onto one person while the “key” is kept around the neck of another as a symbol for their commitment to their relationship.”



Tattoo done by Lauren Gow.
Winnie The Pooh Glitter